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Blodgett Landing Sewer Committee
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Kara Obey
February 20, 2006
Attending: Kara Obey (chair), Dennis Pavlicek, Pat Sherman, Dave Thayer, Mary Thayer, Gary Daniels
The Committee reviewed Fred McNeil’s email letter regarding DES opinion on the eligibility of the package plant for the 30% state funding. It was understood that the state would participate in the cost of the renovations to the collection system and the two pumps. It was further understood that Mitch Locker has said that the moratorium could be lifted with proof of reduced nitrate levels for the past three years.
Based upon further conversation with Fred, Dennis recommended that the warrant article for $1.7 million should still proceed. Construction and bonding on the collection system and pumps would proceed first. Bonding and construction for the treatment plant would be delayed until the concerns of the state are resolved. The Town and the Committee would seek the support and assistance of the Lake Sunapee Protective Association and the Lakes Association. Pat Sherman asked what the state’s concerns were with the package plant. Dennis said that he understood their concern was that while such plants had been used privately in NH, none had been approved for a municipality in the state.
The Committee discussed the presentation of the warrant article for the March 15th Town Meeting. It was agreed that everyone should clearly point out to the audience that the cost of the bonding will not impact the Town’s tax rate and the full cost of repayment of the bond will be borne by the users of the system.
· Jim Powell will introduce the discussion
1 Fred McNeil will make the technical presentation
· He will mention that construction on the collection system and the pumps will start this year
1 And that the treatment plant will follow after the impact of the collection system repairs is measured.
· Users of the system will then comment – Kara, Pat, Gary
1 June Fichter will speak representing the LSPA
It was agreed that we would need an answer on the state’s stand on the moratorium before Town Meeting, i.e. a confirmation of Mitch Locker’s comments and a date that the moratorium will be lifted. Dennis will follow-up with Fred and DES.
The need for a policy for new hook-ups to the system was discussed. Pat Sherman will check into rates charges at other communities in the area. The question of the capacity of the system was raised….is it to accommodate the few remaining lots in Blodgett Landing that are adjacent to the system or is the system meant to serve greater development? All members of the committee commented that discussion to date had been to accommodate only the 5 or 6 lots that front the current system. Dennis will ask Fred to confirm the capacity of the system (number of houses) as specified for the package plant
Respectfully submitted,

Gary Daniels
Committee Member

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