Fireworks Permits are Required in Newbury

Fireworks Permits are Required in Newbury. Now is the time to request Fireworks Permit.

If you have previously been issued a fireworks permit in Newbury, the renewal process is easy. Simply fill out the on-line permit request form  and a permit for the date requested will be emailed to you.

 If you have not received a permit in the past, an inspection of the fireworks display site will be required. Simply complete the on-line form and you will be contacted to schedule the inspection appointment. Once the inspection is completed and the application approved, the permit will be emailed to you. Locations and the dates of Fireworks Permits are posted on the website.

Please keep in mind that an inspection may take several days to schedule and as the holiday gets closer the inspection schedule fills up.

Some Helpful Hints to Safely Enjoy Fireworks This Season
 Concord – NH State Fire Marshal Paul J. Parisi would like to remind everyone that celebrating safely with fireworks involves the Three Be’s; Be prepared, Be Safe and Be Responsible. If you plan on using fireworks, please make sure you consider the following;

  •  Fireworks can only be purchased from a licensed retail store in NH
  • Fireworks stores know their products, ask for information about a product if you are unsure of how to light it or to determine what the effect will be
  • You must be 21 years of age to purchase and use fireworks in NH
  •  Check with your town to see if a permit is required to use fireworks, the community restrictions list can be found at community-restrict ions- list. pdf
  • Only light fireworks on a hard, flat and level surface
  •  Wear eye and ear protection, gloves and clothing that cannot easily ignite
  •  Make sure the area is free from overhead obstructions (trees, electrical wires etc.)
  •  Do not attempt to re-light a firework that does not go off, wait 15 minutes then douse it in water to make sure that it is inactive
  •  You must be the property owner or have written permission from the property owner to light off fireworks
  •  NEVER put any part of your body over a firework while attempting to light it and NEVER hold a firework in your hand while attempting to light it
  •  Do not change or manipulate a firework in any way and be sure to read the manufactures instructions for use

Don’t become a statistic! According to the CPSC 2018 Fireworks Annual Report 9,100 people were treated in US hospital emergency rooms for fireworks