Fireworks Permits are Required in Newbury

Independance Day Weekend is here.

Newbury residents are reminded that Permits are required for fireworks in Newbury. If you have been issued a fireworks permit in the past, a renewal fireworks permit may be requested on line at

If you have not received a fireworks permit in the past, an inspection of the display site by the Newbury Fire Department in order to obtain a permit. Go on line to the same application form and check New Permit. 

You will be contacted to schedule an appointment for the inspection to verify that display site distance to structures and lot lines meet the State Fire Marshal’s requirements. Following the inspection and approval of the location, a permit will be issued. 
Please keep in mind that it may take at least 48 hours to schedule an inspection due to the number of requests. 

A copy of the Newbury Fireworks Ordinance can be found on the website, review the ordinance prior to requesting the permit. The ordinance does specify the fines applicable to unpermitted fireworks displays.