Information on Dock Ice Melting Devices

Thin ice

Dock De-Icers
As you prepare your dock or boathouse for winter, keep in mind that state registration is required from the Newbury Town Clerk for all ice melting devices on the lake.

The registration application can be downloaded from the Town of Newbury or Newbury Fire Rescue websites to be filed with the town clerk. There is a 50-cent fee for the permit.

NH State law requires that wherever these ice melting devices are located, a sign stating DANGER THIN ICE is posted that is visible in all directions.

Here are some tips from The Lake Sunapee Protective Association to help you use dock de-icers safely and efficiently:

  • Choose the smallest possible size to maintain an ice free zone around your dock
  • Set up your de-icer to form a narrow open water area around your dock (bubbler device works best for this)
  • Point a circulator device in a vertical direction rather than at an angle towards the middle of the lake to minimize dangerously thin ice
  • Use a thermostat or timer to run the de-icer only when the air temperature drops below freezing
  • Run the device for only 2-4 hours a day