NHDES is Encouraging Residential Well Users to Conserve

Amidst Abnormally Dry Conditions, NHDES is Encouraging Residential Well Users to Conserve and the Public to follow Water Use Restrictions

Concord, NH – According to the weekly U.S. Drought Monitor released today, the entire state of New Hampshire has been categorized as abnormally dry. Over the last 60 days, the state has received significantly less than normal precipitation.

NHDES encourages those relying on private residential wells to begin conserving now. Due to COVID-19, people are at home more often, which means a higher than usual demand on residential well supplies. To protect your well supply, it is recommended that outdoor water use be limited and water use be staggered, allowing the well time to recharge between demands. As drought conditions develop, more municipalities and water utilities will impose outdoor water use restrictions. NHDES urges the public to be conservation-minded and abide by restrictions. Also, finances for well improvements or to drill a new well may be very limited; therefore, during a drought, it is important to curb water use early.