Parking is Restricted on Mountain Road Near the Andrew Brook Trail. Additional Mount Sunapee Hiking Trail Parking is available at Mount Sunapee Resort

Mountain Road Parking

Hiking to Lake Solitude on Mount Sunapee can be a great adventure with a great view. However, this spring the number of hikers on the Andrew Brook trail has resulted in dangerous conditions on Newbury's Mountain Road. On some weekends, cars parked on both sides of Mountain Road have narrowed the road to one lane, making the road so narrow that fire apparatus is not able to get through. Because of the possibility that emergency vehicles will not be able to reach the homes on Mountain Road and beyond, The Newbury Police have restricting parking to designated areas on one side of Mountain Road in the area of the trail head..

Parking at the Newbury Trail trailhead in Lake View Ave is also restricted. There is limited parking for Newbury Trail and Eagles Nest hikers available at the Bell Cove parking lot (near the caboose) 

Hikers are advised that there is plenty of parking in the main lot at Mount Sunapee Resort for the Summit Trail and in Lot 3 for the Newbury Trail which both will take hikers to Lake Solitude as well as all of the other hiking trails on Mount Sunapee.Mount Sunapee Resort parking is only a three mile drive beyond the Newbury Trail and five miles beyond the Andrew Brook trailhead.

Please be considerate of the safety of Newbury residents and plan your hike from the trail heads at Mount Sunapee Resort/State Park