The State Fire Marshal Requires Inspections and Permits for Function Tents

Place of Assembly Permits are required by the New Hampshire State Fire Marshal's Office for tents over 400 sq ft (a 20X20 tent) which can accomodate 50 or more persons. This requirement applies to both public and private functions.

The tents must be inspected by the fire department and meet the requirements of the Fire Marshal's Office before the assembly permit will be issued. The inspection shall be conducted once the tent is set up and 24 hours prior to the event. Contact Newbury Fire Rescue for Tent Inspection and Assembly Permit Information. See the State Fire Marshall Tent Inspection Bulletin, below for the state regulations.

Information required for the inspection and permit.

  • Certificate of Flame proofing or labeling on tent
  • Occupancy/Use Group Classification of tent,
  • Anchoring Type, Stakes and or Ballast
  • Seating Plan for Assembly permit for 50 or more occupants
  • Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Fire Extinguishers, No Smoking Signs, Exit Signs (if enclosed) or Emergency Lighting (if after dark)
  • Tent company Certificate of Insurance