Town of Newbury Winter Parking Ordinance Restrictions are now in Effect

Town of Newbury Winter Parking Ordinance

No vehicle or obstruction shall be parked or placed in any manner upon or along any street, alley, or way located within the municipal limits of and maintained for the public good by the Town of Newbury, NH from 12:00AM midnight on October31, through and including 12:00 AM midnight on April 30 of any year.

Not withstanding the provisions of paragraph I above, residential areas within the municipal boundaries of the Town of Newbury that have been specifically marked and I or posted for regulated parking shall be subject to the posted provisions for parking in such designated areas.

A violation of this provision shall yield the removal of such vehicle or obstruction by any duly authorized employee or contracted agent for the Town of Newbury, with such expenses for said removal and subsequent storage to be incurred upon the owner of the vehicle or property removed.