Newbury Ordinances

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Building Regulations (Revised January 28, 2015)


Important Notice (Revised 9/15/19)

Please be advised that the following are suggestions regarding our building regulations. Our zoning regulations are stricter than normal and require the following clarifications to the standard building codes. Your attention to the regulations and these suggestions will assure smooth processing of your application.


Update of state building code listings.

Newbury Zoning Ordinance (Revised 3/11/20)

The purpose of this Zoning Ordinance is to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Newbury, New Hampshire; to enhance and preserve the value and natural beauty of our lakes, ponds, and natural environment; to conserve the value of buildings and encourage the most appropriate use of land; and to carry out the purposes defined in RSA 672:1 and 674:17 and the Overall Vision of the Newbury Master Plan. It is the intent of the ordinance to allow individual landowners as great a degree of freedom in the use and enjoyment of their land as is consistent with the accomplishment of these purposes.

Regulations for Site Plan Review (6/20/17)

These Site Plan Review Regulations authorize the Newbury Planning Board to review and approve or disapprove site plans for the development of commercial, non-residential, and multifamily residential properties. The Regulations also prescribe the content and procedures for site plan preparation and submission to the Planning Board.

Land Subdivision Control Regulations-(Revised 4/16/19)

The purpose of these regulations is to promote orderly and planned growth of undeveloped areas of Newbury, to foster the development of an economically and environmentally sound and stable community and to safeguard and protect the interests of the public and the taxpayer from the consequences of improper subdivision and unmanaged growth by:

Use of Town Docks & Parking at Town Owned Public Areas on Lake Sunapee

Restrict parking of vehicles and boats at town owned parking and docks on Lake Sunapee.

Town of Newbury Winter Parking Ordinance

Restrict parking during winter snow removal

Town of Newbury Fireworks Ordinance (Revised August 21, 2017)



Use of fireworks prohibited except by permit in designated sections of Newbury
Fireworks Permit Application Revised 2017

Permit for the use of fireworks

Town of Newbury Traffic Ordinance

It is declared to be the intent of the town to promote an environment of safety for both vehicle and pedestrian travel and adherence to traffic regulations. The purpose of this article is to establish standards for the control of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the town.

Town of Newbury Animal Control Ordinance

The owner of a dog owned, kept, harbored or maintained in the town shall license and register the dog as specified under RSA 466:1. The license fees set forth in RSA 466:4 are increased as set forth in section 10-30, as permitted by RSA 466:39.

Town of Newbury Public Conduct Ordinance Revised 10/2014

The purpose of this article is to establish standards for the control of noise and noise disturbances in the town and by prohibiting specific activities during designated times.

Town of Newbury Alarm Ordinance

The purpose of this chapter is to establish standards for the control of alarm systems in the town and by providing guidelines for their operation and use.

Street Numbering Ordinance
(Revised 12/16/2013)

All buildings within the Town of Newbury shall have a street address number that is visible from the street. Knox Boxes are required for new commercial, seasonal and other buildings as specified.

Sign Ordinance


Earth Excavation Regulations (6/19/18)

The purpose of this article is to protect the public safety and general welfare by controlling and guiding the use of signs in Newbury


Chapter 155-E of the New Hampshire RSAs stipulate that, with some exceptions, all commercial earth excavations in the State are subject to regulation by the town which the operation occurs. The Planning Board of Newbury  as regulator adopts these regulations to govern earth excavation in the Town of Newbury.