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2023 Election Dates

Town Voting March 14, 2023

Town Meeting March 15, 2023

Registering to Vote in New Hampshire 

New Hampshire’s Constitution limits absentee voting to: “qualified voters who [. . .] are absent from the city or town of which they are inhabitants, or who by

reason of physical disability are unable to vote in person . . . .” Part 1, Article 11. RSA 657:1 carries out Part 1 Article 11 by authoring absentee voting for: 


“Any person who will be absent on the day of any state election from the city, town, or unincorporated place in which he or she is registered to vote or who cannot appear in public on any election day because of his or her observance of a religious commitment or who is unable to vote there in person by reason of physical disability may vote at such elections as provided in this chapter. A person who is unable to appear at any time during polling hours at his or her polling place because of an employment obligation shall be considered absent for purposes of this chapter. For the purposes of this section, the term "employment" shall include the care of children and infirm adults, with or without compensation.”


“Disability” for election law purposes has the same meaning today as it had pre-pandemic. The nature of the voter’s disability must leave them “unable to vote in person” according to the Constitution and the absentee voting statute.


For more information, please refer to Registering to Vote in New Hampshire

Transfer Station Permits

2022 Transfer Station Permits are available from the Town Clerk. The new permits list the vehicles plate number. Please mail or email a copy of your auto registration or tax bill showing a Newbury address to the Town Clerk  and the permit will be sent to you by mail.

Transfer Station Permits

Newbury Residents – Transfer Station Permits will be given at the time of your vehicle registration once your current permit expires.

Taxpayers will need to show a current tax bill to obtain your permit. Also your state car registration will be helpful to obtain the plate number.

Thank you

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