Transfer Station Report

Recycling has become a major effort at the Transfer Station, and it is providing the town with cost savings as well as serving to help the environment.

Residents have been very responsible about using the new container, which holds # 1 (PETE) and # 2 (HDPE) plastics and tin cans. There is no cost to the town for providing this extra recycling measure, and we are able to save disposal fees since these materials are no longer part of the compacted trash. Our non-profit recycling cooperative, Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA), reports to us that our efforts really do make a difference:

In 2006, we recycled 4,280 pounds of aluminum cans, thus conserving enough energy to run a television for 435,533 hours. We recycled 73 tons of paper, saving 1.241 trees. Eighty-five tons of scrap metal were recycled, conserving 85,000 pounds of coal. Next year, we’ll have the recycled tin cans and plastic numbers to add to Newbury’s positive contribution to the environment.

We also now separate out electronic equipment from the mainstream trash. Components can be recycled from television sets, computer monitors, CPUs and printers, stereo systems, VCRs and table radios. While we have had this program in operation for the past six months, the state has made it mandatory for all New Hampshire towns starting July 1, 2007.

To help our residents, we have placed new signs in each of the recycling areas, clearly stating what materials go in each spot.

Vehicle identification tags are required for admission to the Transfer Station. The public seems to prefer the hang-tags now in use to the old sticker system. Hang-tags must carry the vehicle registration number and are renewable annually. If you are a Newbury property owner and need a hang-tag, please contact the Town Office during regular business hours.

Thanks to everyone for your cooperation in making Newbury’s recycling efforts successful. For the small amount of time it takes to separate your trash and dispose of it properly, you are doing the world a great favor.