Code Enforcement Officer

The Code Enforcement Office will be closed from February 14 to February 23.

All building permits need to be seen by the land use office first.

Notice: Please allow four weeks turn around time for the approval of building plans submitted to the Code Enforcemet Officer.


Please contacy the Code Enforcement Officer at 763-4940 X203 or by email at prior to submitting any materials.


Effective November 1, 2020

Type of Permit                                   Fixed Fee                 Per Sq. Ft. Fee

Single Family Dwelling

Up to 2500 square feet                                 $100                .30/sq ft.

2501-4999 square feet                                  $250                .30/sq. ft.

5000 and over square foot                            $500                 30/sq. ft.

Multi-Family Dwelling                                  

(3 or more units)                                       $100 per unit     .30/sq.ft            

Country Inn/Bed & Breakfast/Hotel/Motel   $100                .40/sq. ft

Non-Residential Structure

(Other than Line 4 above)                             $100       .40/sq.ft            

Accessory Structure-Shed                               $50                 .15/sq. ft.

Accessory Structure-Barn/Garage/Carport   $100               .15/sq. ft.


Residential Structure Alteration/                  $75                    .30/sq. ft.

Additional Living Space (with or without

Change in Footprint) Remodeling


Non-Residential Structural Alteration          $100                   .40/sq. ft.

Additional Occupied Space


Re-inspections                                                $50

Demolition                                                        $100

Septic Inspection:                                            $50

Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical                  $100

Gas/Solar (each)/HVAC

Personal Wireless Service Facility:

Initial Construction              500/per antenna          $20/ft. of height to the highest antenna                 

Personal Wireless Service Facility:               

Additional Antennas:            $500/per antenna          $20/ft. add height to the highest antenna


Blodgett's Landing Sewer Hook-up             $1200


A fee of $100 will be required to the re-issue of expired permits along with regular fees. Permits after the fact will be charged double the application fee.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Tiffany Favreau Land Use Coordinator (603) 763-4940 Ext 201
John Abbott Code Enforcement Officer (603)763-4940 Ext 203