Town Center Buildings Committee

At the March annual meeting, residents expressed the need to understand the long-term plan for the town center before moving forward on any project. Consequently, the select board formed the Newbury Town Center Building Committee. Members of the committee are chairman Bruce Healey, Ken Holmes, Hal Krueger, Jim Powell, Clay Rucker, Pat Sherman and Wayne Whitford. Architect Pete Tennant serves as a committee consultant.

To date, the committee has set a timeline for their work (a final report ready for the 2012 town meeting), reviewed past studies and reports, met with the police and fire chiefs and studied a library statement of need. The information gathered, translated into square footage needs, will form the basis for determining options for the number, size and location of town center buildings. As these options become clear, public meetings will be held to gather the reactions and suggestions of residents.

The charge to the committee and minutes of each meeting are posted on the town website:, click on “Departments,” select “Administration,” scroll to “Committee Meeting Dates” and “Newbury Town Center Building Committee.”

Also check here for updates as the committee continues its work.

Charge for the Newbury Town Center Building Committee:

  • To make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for submission to the 2012 town meeting.
  • To recommend an appropriate place for the proposed Veterans Memorial.
  • To recommend if fire and police stations should be two separate buildings or a combined safety services building.
  • To recommend the best place for location of fire and police stations
  • Recommendations for other uses for Bald Sunapee/Comacho Properties
  • To discuss possable expansion library or miscellaneous buildings.
  • To recommend best building size and space needs for fire and police stations.
  • To work with staff and consultant to determine building layouts and estimated costs for review at the 2012 town meeting. The committee shall give minutes of all meetings within 6 days to the town administrator for posting on the town website.
  • To report monthly to the Board of Selectmen
  • The committee shall hold a public hearing prior to September 1, 2011 for review and comments by residents.
  • The committee shall issue a written report to the Board of Selectmen no later than October 15, 2011.
  • The Board of Selectmen shall hold a public hearing prior to November 1, 2011 for comments by residents.

Board Members

Name Title
Donna Long Recording Secretary
Wayne R. Whitford Member
Dennis Pavlicek Ex-Officio Member (Town Administrator)
Patricia Sherman Member
Clay Rucker Member
Ken Holmes Member
Hal Krueger Member
Peter Tennant Advisor