Transfer Station Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting date: 
Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Minutes of Transfer Station Committee Meeting 07/28/2021


Letters were sent to the original Transfer Station Committee members (2020) to determine if they wished to serve on the reconstituted committee. Eight replied in the affirmative and a ninth asked to be replaced by her brother.  


Present: Joy Nowell, Dennis Pavlicek, Jack Fisher, Margo Steeves, Darren Finneral


Absent: Bruce Mackenzie, Eben Courant, Joan Burritt, Jeff Estella


The first meeting of the 2021 Transfer Station Committee was called to order by Joy Nowell at 6PMin the Town Offices meeting room.  


There being a quorum of members present, Nowell reviewed where we were before Covid.  The brush and leaf problems seem to be under control. The group agreed they would like to  proceed with fact finding field trips to the transfer stations of nearby communities and the lebanon landfill.  We want to see how others do things.  Areas of particular interest are physical space and layout, traffic flow, recycling, land fill, volunteer participation, "swap shop."


Steeves shared the concerns of many for Newbury's version of a "Swap Shop".  It was agreed that we should see how this was handled in other towns and ask for volunteers to help improve and maintain it.  This would take it off the employees and allow us to see how much interest in improving the swap shop there is before considering any type of structure to house it.  It was suggested to ask for volunteers in the upcoming Newbury News.


Fisher brought up the uncapped landfill that takes up space on the Transfer Station's lot.  Although we are not now required to cap it, yearly the state makes increased demands on monitoring and is now requesting additional wells on abbutting property.  It was decided that it would be helpful to have a ball park estimate of the cost and scope of capping.  We asked Dennis to check with Stantech which does our monitoring for such an estimate so we would not be blindsided if the state should mandate capping.  The possibility of adding to CIP was brought up.


The idea of providing uniforms for the Transfer Station employees was discussed.  The work they do is vital but results in much wear and tear on their clothing.  The town already provides winter jackets and boots.  Warmer weather shirts, etc. would make it easier for "customers" to identify the employees, would protect their own clothing and let them know we appreciate the important work they do for the town.  Dennis will check into clothing with Pam.


It was decided to meet regularly on the last Wednesday of every month at 6PM in the Town Offices Meeting room.


The need to select a citizen chair for the committee was postponed to the August 25th meeting so that more members would be present.


The meeting adjourned at 6:59PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Joy B. Nowell